so here it is in the form of common sense.

religion pays no taxes, the government as of now is taxing the working class at most unfair rates in our history, religion pays no taxes yet it can reap the benefiets of a financial system again supported by the working class. government taxes everyone except religion and corporations. so i was having conversation with woman who was religious and many others and they all try to blame government, exactly what the church wants you to believe, but if a entity doesnt pay taxes and yet recieves money who is the communist, who is on welfare?

#2 i find it ironic as my collegue lauren woods has also pointed out, religion sits on hoards of money, gold and property again which they pay no taxes, because they use the government ruse. so these relgions help out a few orphans, like they are trying to help humanity at the same time they are the biggest child molestors on the planet, so apparenty to have tax free status you need to be a communist child molestor.

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