Since I started going vegan I've been thinking a lot about food, about health and about myself. I'm now trying to live not only vegan but also healthy. It's still a long way but I think I've already made good progress :)

Actualy I've been living unhealthy my whole life.

Before becoming vegetarian I have eaten almost nothing else but meat. My friends told me I would starve after I started going veggie. It was hard to make the change, but after I made the decision I never ever touched any meat again.

So in the 5 years I've been vegetarian I still avoided most vegetables and ate fruits rarely. I ate lots of bread, noodles, cheese, cream, sweets and convenience food.
And when I started going vegan the first thing I did was eating substitutes from soy and continue my unhealthy diet.

One small thing can change your life forever

And than I found this book. I think it's not yet available in english, but it's from a famous german Vegan: Attila Hildmann. It's called 'Vegan for fit' and he explains everything.
Of course I already knew that what I did was unhealthy, 10 Kilo overweight are telling their own story.
But he explained it in a way that convinced me that it was really EASY to change myself. I thought 'If I could make it and go vegan, why should I not be able to go healthy too?'

And so I did. I'm vegan since 6 months now and since nearly 3 months I'm doing Attilas dietary change.
I stopped eating nearly all convenience foods, only very rarely when I'm eating at work and I didn't have the time to precook something.
I'm eating much more vegetable and fruit now, avoid things with wheat flour and potatoes, got rid of mostly everything with sugar (I'm using agave nectar instead) and all in all I need to eat much less to be saturated.

My success and my plans

I lost 5 Kilo in about 2 months and I'm very happy about my weight right now. In total I lost 7 Kilo since I became vegan in June 2012.
When I got rid of this stupid infection I want to start with fitness training to get in shape, gain strength and endurance. Actualy I've not been doing any sport in the last 6 years, what I did before was also not much. But I'm really motivated and confident that I will make it.
And I want to loose another 5 Kilo in 2013.

I'm still looking for any help about nutrition I can get. Since I started to change my diet, I'm really getting curious about eating. I want to know what's good for me and why. And I never expected that I would love to cook someday.

This dietary change really was a revalation for me.

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