Myths about going organic and living eco-friendly

There are always rumors and opinions flying around about living an Eco-Friendly lifestyle. Many people tend to believe what they read instead of looking into the actual facts so its time to clear up some common misconceptions about all things green and environmentally friendly!

One of the most common errors been passed around is if you change to a more planet friendly way of living you will loose money as everything is more expensive. This is false. In fact you will end up saving money in the long-term and that’s what needs to be seen instead of the rare more expensive price tags.

There are lots of false statements about appliances. One of which being that if you unplug something its not using power. It may only drain a small amount but every little counts in this world, so that small amount is negative and should be avoided at all costs. Unplug your electronic devices, when you are not using them. You will be saving energy and money. Or perhaps consider giving a try to solar energy. I wrote an article about it -

Another common appliance misconception is that keeping old products is friendlier than purchasing newer Eco models. This is wrong as firstly recycling can be done easily, and secondly the new appliances are made for a reason, to be more suitable for the environment and to be free of the usual toxins, dyes, colorings, energy wasting products that are normally used. By trading in older models you are benefiting in so many ways, but always remember to recycle!

So much good can be done by making a few changes in your usual habits and daily living.

Going organic

Our lifestyle choices make a huge impact not only on ourselves but also on the environment. If we decide to go organic, the world can actually benefit from this choice and here are some reasons why it’s doing the all of us good

  1. Organic supports farming and agricultural industries. If farmers avoid use of fertilizers and pesticides, as well as genetically modified seeds, then this is so much better for the earth. The land is cultivated and kept healthy, and generations upon generations will benefit from this. We keep the ecosystem going.
  2.  Since organic farming is free of pesticides and other synthetic ingredients, we keep our body fit and healthy with food that promote good health. We can get rid of chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, which develops early on in childhood and basically grows worse because of the food being taken.
  3. An organic way of life supports natural science. And we teach our kids to be sustainable.
  4. By ridding our choices with synthetic items, we can actually save on money because synthetic food, believe it or not, is actually more expensive. Crops that are raised organically are actually better tasting and more filling than a meal from McDonald’s.
  5.  Lastly, by choosing to go organic, we help support local farmers and provide them the means and motivation to continue to with their form of livelihood. We also help uplift a sense of community in our local industry and this is something that we actually rarely witness. Going back to basics keep us grounded and centered to be one with the rest of the world.

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