Backyard barbecue is always fun. It’s especially joyous to do this among close friends and family. It doesn’t matter what you cook — pork, ribs or even vegetables — what matters, these days is that you consider cooking this in the greenest way possible.

For one thing, if you’re barbecuing using coal, maybe it’s time to switch to an electric grill. Make sure to pick one that has low BTU so that it would be most efficient. There are also solar-powered grills, but these can be rather expensive. Or if you really want to stick with coal because it allows the meat to taste better, you can probably use a FlameDisk.

Below are a few more tips:

  • Do away with the disposable plastic cups and utensils. Use reusable ones, many stores now carry reusable party stuff. If you’re still keen on disposables, such as tissue papers, make sure that these are made from recycled materials already.
  • Buy your meat and fruits or veggies from an organic farm, to ensure that these have been grown without any pesticides. Besides, these cook better and taste better as well. You might even score organic beer at specialty stores. Yes, there are organic beers!
  • Have a coverlid when you cook, as this traps the heat and makes your cooking more efficient. It also helps to cook the food evenly.
  • Make sure you are cleaning your grill after use for proper maintenance. Use baking soda to get the grease and the gunk out, as this cleans really well, and does not come with harmful chemicals at your grill.

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