How to Increase the Shelf Life of Food Products

A healthy life depends a lot on the quality of diet. You should always include fresh and lush produce in your diet so that the body can get all the essential nutrients. There is nothing better than meals prepared from fresh products but it is not always convenient to pay a visit to the grocery store every time you want to cook a delicious and healthy meal.

Making healthy and delicious meals will be much easier if you know how to properly store the food products. Almost all the food products are perishable and you have to offer proper storage at the ideal temperature to keep the food on best and usable condition. Appliances like blast freezer have made it easier to increase the shelf life of the products.

Here are some tips that will help you in keeping the food products fresh for a long time.

Make a shopping list:

If you want to keep the food fresh then it is important to be a smart shopper. Make a list of the food products that you will be using that week. Shopping without a plan is not a good idea because you will end up buying food products that you do not need. They will keep lying around the kitchen or refrigerator and expire. They will take up storage space and will also spoil the fresh food products that are stored with them. The fast spoiling foods like green beans, bananas, cherries, etc. should only be bought in a quantity that you can eat quickly.

Create separate storage zones:

Proper storage of the food products is the key to keeping them fresh for a long time. Different food products have different requirements when it comes to storage. If you just stuff all the food products in one place then the chances of spoilage will increase. There should be separate zones for different food types. The vegetables and fruits should be stored on separate shelves. There should be a separate shelf for raw meat. If you do not create zones then you will not just waste food but also food contamination which can lead to food-borne diseases.

Ideal storage conditions:

If you want to increase the shelf life of the food products then you need to make sure that you store them in the perfect storage conditions. First, you need to know the storage requirement of the foods that you are storing. The temperature and humidity level of the storage space play a significant role in determining the shelf life of the products.

Not every food product needs refrigerated storage. The foods like potatoes, onions, tomatoes, squash, garlic, etc. do not need to be stored at a low temperature. They are fine at room temperature so putting them in a refrigerated is waste of storage space. But they should be kept in a pantry where it is dark and cool because sunlight will destroy them quickly.

Rinsing the food:

people always wash the products before putting them in storage which can be a huge mistake sometimes because not all foods need to be washed before storage. The moisture from the washing can spoil the food pretty quickly.

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Comment by Bonnie Pena on April 10, 2018 at 1:12am

Hi Emma This is my first time to browse around to see what others have to share. First I want to acknowledge how beautiful you are. You look young and healthy. Thanks for sharing these tips I think it is helpful I have learned a few tips myself I will add to yours. I found a plant wash to wash all my fruits and vegetables. I do wash them all at one time to be conservative as the live enzymes are activated for one hour. This wash not only removes the pesticides, it also kills mold, mildew, fungus, bacteria, living organisms, everything. My foods come out so bright, colorful and they taste like real food instead of chemicals. I do put the all in frig and I agree to separate them. I put some in open basket in frig and the foods that wilt in a closed container. I add a paper towel to the foods in closed container because the live foods create so much moisture. I noticed when I dry the moisture each time I open the container they stay fresh longer. Non of my foods grow mold, mildew, of fungus (you know the fuzzy stuff).  I do leave the garlic, bananas and avocados out at room temperature. I hope this is helpful to your and your friends. Have a blessed day. Bonnie Pena


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