Most home-owners would love a little green patch in their homes, no matter how small the area is. Growing plants or green seems to be good measure for helping make a green environment, leaving a better carbon footprint.

If you don’t know a thing about gardening, it’s always best to hire someone to start the garden for you and get tips. But, short of a budget to hire a professional, you can always start small and easy.

For instance you can probably start with “container gardening” and keeping greens in pots, which you can transport or move around the house as you wish. Ask your local gardening store for plants that grow upward instead of sidewards, so you can have this planted in containers and move when you want to.

Since you’re into containing plants, you can probably also start with a few herbs, as this are also useful in the kitchen for cooking. Besides, an herb garden also keeps the house smelling fresh and they do grow lovely when thick and plenty. Herbs are also not just great for cooking, but they also carry healing properties. It would be good to keep them around.

Take not to also make use of the rain when it’s pouring. Collect rainwater whenever possible and use this for your plants, instead of turning the faucet on. If you already have a small patch, dig a shallow basin that will gather rain water now and then and distribute it to your patch.

Happy gardening! - Make sure you check some of my gardening pictures. 

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Comment by Isla Wright on May 28, 2018 at 3:56pm

I have started mine, but I also used a quality organic fertiliser which helped at the very beginning of growth and health of my plants.


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