You've nothing against eating meat, you say,
As though meat were some innocent fare,
Like a crunchy red apple, a cabbage or bean,
A succulent peach or a pear.

But meat's nothing at all like a cabbage or bean
Or a fruit that you pluck from a tree
This 'meat' as you call it, has feelings like you.
This 'meat', as you call it, is me!

It's true my appearance is different from yours
And I don't speak the language you do,
But inside I'm the same, I feel fear and pain
In exactly the same way as you.

You say that some animals kill for their food,
But they don't know how else to survive,
You've a wealth of nutritious, delicious cuisine.
You don't need to eat beings to thrive.

Just think how you'd like it if you were the one
Who had been designated to die,
Simply 'cos somebody fancied the taste of your
Rump or your leg or your thigh.

You'd probably scream 'It's unfair and unjust!'
And you'd make an incredible fuss,
So why can't you see, it's as clear as can be,
That's it's just as unfair to kill us.


Awaken your dead Conscience! Its Hightime to see the Truth and take a compassionate decision!

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Comment by Leanna Gonzalez on June 18, 2012 at 12:36am

Wow I can imagine this in a children's book! :D I could imagine the cute artwork already to go with the words! ^-^ do you draw too??


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