Introducing Sustainable Food to Your Diet - Top 5 Benefits

All of are, to some extent, aware of how big of an impact food has on us. Our diet directly affects our blood, our organs i.e. it affects our entire body and mind. This is why we should do our best to keep a healthier diet and avoid that delicious, yet deadly, junk food. However, have you ever wondered how your diet affects the planet and its future? It’s hard to give definitions and exact information about sustainable food in a sense of brands and products. Since we live in a world that is far from perfect, sometimes it’s hard to find the truth about what each company does, and whether or not their products should be used for a sustainable diet. However, if you buy organic food and/or locally grown fruits and veggies, as well as avoid factory-farmed products, you’ll be just fine for starters.


The first and one of the most important benefits of a sustainable diet is concerning our environment. Factory farms and industrial agriculture are the biggest enemies of the environment. These places emit tons of waste, they are huge polluters, and they are slowly destroying the land they’re based on. It’s unhealthy for the soil to constantly have one type of crops. In order to keep it healthy and fertile, natural fertilizers ought to be used, and what are better fertilizers than plants themselves? Various plants have various effects on the soil, and as long as some scientific rules are abided, everything will be much better.   


Sustainable nutrition actually benefits our health a lot. Production of sustainable food is primarily focused on the food being healthy for consumers. On the other hand, industrial food is full of pesticides, additives, preservatives, and all sorts of other chemicals that not only decrease the amount of vitamins and nutrients in the food, but that are also toxic to the body and cause all sorts of horrible diseases. Some of them include cancer, nervous system damage, as well as infertility and birth defects. Not to mention other less tragic, but not less ugly diseases and effects.


Eating food that has been produced in your area has been proved to have a better effect on your health than eating food imported from afar. Why is that? It’s logical, really. We are evolutionally more prepared to eat the same food and meals as our ancestors because our organisms have been developing to satisfy their dietary needs and habits. This is why we should stick to the traditional meals made from food that has been grown near us.

Weight balance

It has also been shown that a sustainable diet balances people’s weight. Obesity is a huge problem in the modern society and there have been some amazing results in obese people losing weight after transferring to a sustainable diet. Moreover, people who weigh less than they should tend to gain weight after they spend some time on a sustainable diet.


By purchasing locally produced food, you’ll pay less money than for the imported food that underwent all sorts of taxes and additional costs. Local farmers will have more income as soon as sustainable diets become more popular. It’s a win-win situation, farmers will earn more money since everyone will want to eat locally, and the food will be cheaper than one from huge industrial brands.

There’s absolutely no downside to sustainable nutrition. It is a mindset that we all need to adopt. As soon as it becomes vastly recognized, we’ll be able to see some amazing improvements in health, environment and economy.

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