For my own use, I just want to write about my own personal experience while I go from vegan to raw vegan.

It took me awhile to finally do it, especially since I'm so addicted to saucy tofu and asian food, but I finally decided it's time to conquer my cravings. I think this juice fast will help me a ton in being able to get over the hugest weakness that I've had throughout the diet changes I've been through. Primal to vegetarian, vegetarian to vegan, my soft spot through all this has been the asian food with added modifications through each change. Now I'm going raw to test it out which means... no more saucy foods! During spring break I had a ton of it and now it's time to cleanse! :)

The plan: juice fast for a minimum of 3 days, see where it goes and if I wish to extend that time by then, and then continue on a raw diet for some time afterwards.

Despite thinking I was eating better than most anyways with a vegan diet..I guess I was still pretty polluted! Especially from spring break. During my first juice today I gave in and had some raw foods to help ease the cravings and sensation of eating! I almost gave in to some nice kettle corn popcorn and got up to make some but then threw myself on the bed instead telling myself no! lol. Didn't help that it was a cold rainy day and I really wanted something warm. I opted for a nice hot salt bath with added hydrogen peroxide to soak in. Good idea.

I juiced a total 4 times today so far because I do tend to eat a lot and I just made a smoothie (bananas, strawberries, orange, and ONLY water to make it mix together) to have before bed. The first 2 juices were not so great... I wanted real food and I went from feeling great, to little parts of feeling not so great in between. I guess it was that detox from all that saucy food! 1st juice was carrot juice and an apple, second was a mix of lemon, celery, apple, orange, and collard greens. Not to be crude, it's natural and all, but my body obviously cleansed itself and I found myself in the restroom a little more. Then I took a nap. The 3rd and 4th juices I started feeling better, I didn't get so much of the little small waves of the weird feelings in between. 3rd juice was pure orange juice that tasted so sweet, 4th was a mix between carrots and 3 apples. This feels good. By my 4th juice I'm feeling REALLY great, my body feels clean already! Like I can tell... it's different. It's almost like those natural citrus cleaners! Like one just went through my body. I hope this doesn't keep me up too late haha. I still have some more work to do. I can't wait to see what I feel like in the coming days. I have to go grocery shopping to get some more variety! :)

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Comment by Lauren Woods on March 22, 2012 at 12:03pm

I wish you loads of luck :) I did a cleanse last year, for 5 days. I know you got this! Haha, yeah I'm addicted to asian food too, but after a while you will stop craving it! I used to never believe I could give up sushi- but now I don't even crave it anymore, though I have a nice veggie roll now and again. Keep us updated how you're feeling! <3

Comment by Leanna Gonzalez on March 22, 2012 at 12:14pm

Thank you very much, I'll do my best! :) idk if I could ever get rid of the cravings because I've been addicted to it for so long but I'll get back to you on that haha. I figure if you used to believe you couldn't do it and did, so can I. I'll know when I get there lol.

Comment by Monique Danielle Zamora on March 23, 2012 at 6:34pm
I'm a raw vegetarian, almost vegan, but I still use honey. I wish you the best of luck on your fasting journey. I'm fasting for two days also. If you have any questions on your raw transition, feel free to ask. I've been through the same thing.
Comment by Enginar on March 23, 2012 at 8:23pm

Good luck Leanna, me and my wife started on our juice-feast on 01/01/12, and still on it. After few weeks, it gets easier. Changing eating habits take time, especially the ones we crave the most; but with the help of juice, some supplements, and enema/colon hydrotherapy.. toxins were able to move out faster. I was 185lbs at the beginning, and right now I am 155lbs.. I was losing about a pound per day, right now it is less than 1/4 of a pound.

Comment by Leanna Gonzalez on March 23, 2012 at 10:20pm

@ both: Are there any tips or suggestions you would tell anyone starting out on it? :)

@Enginar Yes, it is a transition though some can do it more easily than others lol. Wow, that's amazing! Have you ever watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead? The weight loss and detox it grants is awesome. Congratulations on your journey :)

I have decided to extend my juice fast as of today, which would have been my last, from the similar stories and support. Just saying. :) 

Comment by Enginar on March 23, 2012 at 10:23pm

Hahha, we started pretty much right after that movie :)) I didn't set a certain day at the beginning. We figured we can try for 3 days, later on 3 days became 5 days, then a week, then a 10 days... now if people asks, I say 100 days, but not really concerned. I am doing until I get all desired results. Detox from caffeine, sleeping problems, migraines, colon problems, depression, anxiety :))

Comment by shakira moscoso on March 23, 2012 at 10:31pm

@ Monique... you can replace honey with Agave (sold at whole foods)- so sweet!! Honey, minus the working bees ; )

Comment by Leanna Gonzalez on March 23, 2012 at 11:41pm

Ohmygosh me too! lol after watching that movie I got a juicer ASAP :D yeah, looks like my 3days might go into more. I guess focus on short goals and then figure out where you want to keep going from there :) like more days to juice fast afterall! Other than the weight loss, have you noticed any changes or benefits yet that you can share?

I actually don't have a problem with honey being considered vegan because I believe it gives bees a good environment as well as helping their populations to thrive with none being harmed. Bees are very important! Wouldn't want their numbers to go down.

Comment by Enginar on March 24, 2012 at 12:25am

When we started doing this, I took two weeks off from work. It was great, because I was mostly tired, low energy, and emotional. I slept about 14 hrs a day. Cutting down all that junk food, coffee, and etc. had an impact. Everyone goes thru detoxing in different ways, mine was mostly about fatigue and lack of sleep. At this time I was consuming about 4 quarts of juice a day.

Right around 3rd week, I start going back to work. This transition was hard at the beginning. I start carrying 3 courts of juice on my backpack on a 14 miles public transportation. Due to lack of caffeine, my headaches came back, but after a month my migraines diminished.

Around 5th week I started to notice my energy levels went up, and sleeping pattern went down to 6-8 hrs a day. I started jogging, and doing basic cardio, pushups, and etc. I don't like gym, so most of my activities was outdoor, as simply as walking for 20 minutes.

As of today, I am on 82nd day of juice feast. I am aiming for 100, but not giving a number, just a mental goal. I am more on the transition to solids from juice feast, since I don't want to consume food the way I used to. I also did tons of enema (wheat-grass, coffee, and water) to accelerate detoxification. For the emotional part, anxiety, and depression I take few herbal supplements like Niacin, Saint John's Worth, Omega3, and few others. Another big help was not hanging out with family and friends, this stops them calling you crazy, and you don't have to watch them eat.

I start listening self help audio books on every topic, more for a motivational help; because, I couldn't count on folks around me to support, or motivate me.

Overall, I feel great, fit, and clean. My headaches are gone, I simply started healing my body, and related to that my mind. Some folks are doing this for body first, but it's definitely a mind work :)

Comment by Enginar on March 24, 2012 at 12:28am

Here is a photo of my daily intake, and my wife's blog about juice-feasting:


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