I've been ill three times in the last two months. My doctor told me it has been the same infection that I could not fight off completly the last times.

To me it sounds like this is not very unusual, it's just bad luck and it happens.

Today my best friend told me that she believes my vegan diet is the source off all my illness and that I should start eating 'good food' again. This is so taking me down right now. I feel so alone.
There is no reason to think this illness is caused by my diet, it's just an infection like thousands of people are having it each winter. My doctor also thinks that it's got nothing to do with it.

I always thought she understands me, that she is the only non-vegan person in my life who still understands what I'm doing and why. So I guess that nobody but another vegan person will ever understand me. This is almost making me cry.
I hoped that people understand or maybe just respect my decision. But if even my best friend could not, how could anybody else?

I know she's worried about me and so on, but this is no reason to talk to me like this. She's treating me like a little child who does not know what it's doing.
But I said nothing, I just told her I would not discuss this topic with her and we left it like this. How could she ever understand if she does not understand it now?

Does Veganism lead to loneliness?

Will I always have to smile to my friends face while I know that they think I'm crazy?

Do I have enough strength to take this?

Or will it destroy my relationships?

I don't know how to handle all of this. I don't want to isolate myself from my friends, but sometimes I think it might be better this way and nobody will get hurt.

All I know is that I can't go back. With all I learned until now I will never ever be able to eat non-vegan again.

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Comment by natalie.greeen on January 15, 2013 at 1:02am

Daniela, dont worry! :) Vegan diet is a source of an infection? That sounds pretty stupid...  And who is ur friend... a doctor? Dont doubt about your decision. I think that u should be more optimistic, coz some of illnesses u can get when u r in a stressfull situation/ lifestyle etc... Try to fight that by ur food.. Like more vegetable, fruit etc :) And of course no more stress! Be happy! Follow a pic below :)

I feel same sometimes coz i have no vegan friend... Only one vegetarian girlfiend.

And when I was a vegetarian many of my family member said to me its crazy, i will be ill in future etc. They have no idea about it. Now they dont tell me things like that anymore coz many of them are ill, have hight blood pressure, diabetes, rheumatics, obesity because they cant stop eat that crap and change their lifestyle.. So I often wonder if they should tell me about nutrition anymore... :D I should...

I hope ur bf realize what she said... Good luck girl! :)

Comment by Lee Moss on January 15, 2013 at 8:43pm


I want to echo Natalie 100%.  Some people you just don't discuss certain things with.  I have the same thing with my close friends who are entrenched in their unhealthy diets.  I am fortunate that my wife and I have the same diet, so my "loniless" is really not an issue.  First I recommend find other people who enjoy the same dietary lifestyle you do and make them your friends.  They are a great source of support.  You also seem to have a lot of support here as well.  When doing something against the norm, those in the norm take offense because they take it that they are doing something wrong.  Their instinct is to justify their position, even from ignorance.

As far as your infection goes, I can tell you that I have been a vegan for over a year and I have not gotten ill at all.  As a matter of fact, several issues I have had have gone away, including my high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and my allergies.  I also had an issue with my skin being so dry my fingers would crack and bleed in the cold New England winters.  This is the first time in 25 years I have not had this issues.  

Just because you are on a vegan diet, does not mean that you completely eating correctly.  You still need to make sure you are getting enough of the good stuff in you to ensure proper nutrition.  Perhaps you are doing the right thing, but just in case, I will opine that you want to make sure you maximize as much "raw" foods as possibles.  Fruits and vegetables have the necessary phytonutrients to address most issues.  Keep in mind this will not happen over night, but ensure you are eating lots of salads (with a healthy dressing, I have one if you want the recipe) and lots of fresh organic fruit.  Don't rely on anything store bought that is processed, This is a huge mistake many people make.  They will drink concentrated OJ thinking they are getting everything they need, when in fact this is many sugar water. If you have a really good juicer, juicing is also an excellent way to get those phytonutrients. The key is you need the pulp from fruits and veggies to absorb the nutrients.  Nuts are a great snack, and a healthy fat.  The key is to be smart about what you put in your body.  I know a lot of vegetarians/vegans who still eat poorly.  They will not eat what is bad, but do not eat near enough of what is good.   You need the nutrition.

To give you an example (sorry for the lengthy disortation, but I don't want you to lose heart), I eat a lot of rice and bean burritos.  I add homemade guacamole, tomatoes, salsa and it is quite yummy.  I live on salads as well.  Just make sure you are getting enough nutrition into you and your body will take care of everything else.  If I can be of more help, please let me know.

Lastly,  you are not alone.  What you are doing, especially at your age, takes guts.  I am a bit older (mid 50's) so most folks think I have just lost my mind or something.  Everyone wants to help you on your journey in life, but often with bad advice. Stick to your principles.  I admire you because you made this decision at a young age. It took me a life time to wake up.  Don't give up.

Comment by Daniela on January 15, 2013 at 9:11pm

Thank you two very much <3 Your words are very encouraging and I'm so glad there are so many nice people around here who really understand what I'm thinking.

Actualy I've been living unhealthy my whole life. Before becoming vegetarian I have eaten almost nothing else but meat. My friends told me I would starve after I started going veggie. It was hard to make the change, but after I made the decision I never ever touched any meat again.

So in the 5 years I've been vegetarian I still avoided most vegetables and ate fruits rarely. I ate lots of bread, noodles, cheese, cream, sweets and convenience food.
And when I started going vegan the first thing I did was eating substitutes from soy and continue my unhealthy diet.

But than I found this book. I think it's not yet available in english, but it's from a famous german Vegan: Attila Hildmann. It's called 'Vegan for fit' and he explains everything. Of course I already knew that what I did was unhealthy, 10 Kilo overweight are telling their own story.
But he explained it in a way that convinced me that it was really EASY to change myself. I thought 'If I could make it and go vegan, why should I not be able to go healthy too?'

And so I did. I'm vegan since 6 months now and since nearly 3 months I'm doing Attilas dietary change.
I stopped eating nearly all convenience foods, only very rarely when I'm eating at work and didn't have the time to precook something.
I'm eating much more vegetable and fruit now, avoid things with wheat flour and potatoes, got rid of mostly everything with sugar (I'm using agave nectar instead) and all in all I need to eat much less to be saturated.

This way I lost 5 Kilo in about 2 months and I'm very happy about my weight again.

But I'm still looking for any help aout nutrition I can get. Since I started I'm really getting curious about eating. I want to know what's good for me and why.
And I never expected that I would love to cook someday. This dietary change really was a revalation for me.

So again thank you very much for your nice words and all the information :)

Comment by Lee Moss on January 15, 2013 at 9:26pm


Concentrate on raw fruits and vegetables.  Will mak all the difference!


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