Love Animals. This world is their Home too.

Dear Fellow vegetarians,


Animals who deserve a respectful Life on this planet on part with Human beings are being exploited on a dialy basis for various human selfish needs ranging from Food, Fur, Clothing, Entertainment, Research etc.. They are made to live a life full of enslavement, torture, enormous suffering and are finally killed by the most brutal, inhumane and painful methods. Animals absolutely don't deserve this kind of treatment for they are not put on this earth to succumb to human selfishness and greed.

Human had exploited the animal kingdom and nature in all possible ways thus disturbing the harmony and subtle balance in it and now Its equally the responsibility of every human being to practice compassion for fellow sentient beings and acknowledge their existence and realize the truth that They are like us capable of experiencing pain, Pleasure, happiness, feelings, emotions and have social relationships, strong familial bonds and parental care.

Lets collectively bring awareness, show the truth to people and make this world a better place for animals. 

Please join this facebook page created exclusively to advocate animal rights and compassionate ways of living. Please join the page and also help in its dissemination and diffusion.

Finally, Thank you for everything you are doing for animals. Its because of people like you, the world is still a home for animals. 



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Comment by Lauren Woods on October 5, 2012 at 4:07am

Sadly even by some members on this site who claim to be vegetarian!


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