I could say that I am new at this, vegetarian thing, it’s been 8 months since I started.

I gave it up suddenly, it was just like something hit me.  I was at work and I decided to get a cheeseburger, after I ate that cheeseburger I said I am not going to eat meat anymore. And that’s how I started. At first I ate eggs and milk and cheese, but no meat, gradually I gave that up too, although I sometimes eat products that may contain milk and eggs, very rare, but I still do, so I am not yet a vegan.  

For my surprise, my parents were very supportive, and still are. I’ve got my boyfriend to give up meat most of the time, he started eating less and less meat. A lot of people I know are very supportive and congratulate me for doing it.

But I did get some negativity from some people I barely know. I did not push my ideas or my beliefs on anyone, and still, somehow the fact that I don’t eat meat affects them in some way…

I’ve got the excuse that we have fangs so we must be meat eaters. My response was that our fangs are nothing compare to the fangs of a real meat eater, like a tiger or a lion, and that monkeys have better fangs than us and still they’re not meat eaters…  The argument did escalade and that person really had no idea what she was saying. At first saying that our fangs are use for chewing… which is not true, they are use for biting and tearing flesh. And then she got mad telling me I am not a teacher and I should not give her lessons…  I repeat, I did not started this, I did not asked her about her ideas, I barely spoke to this person. And somehow she got the idea that I did something to offend her. And she’s not talking to me, not that she did much in the past, but I did not understand where the frustration.

Another person told me that I eat only bad things… and I was like what bad things? Broccoli is bad? Fruit is bad? Vegetables, fruits, legumes and cereals are bad??? Eventually she said she had no idea what I was eating… Then she got the idea that I started a veggie life because I wanted to lose weight, and throw at me arguments that the pig is fat and it’s a herbivore… and the cow it’s a herbivore and it’s fat. I started laughing and told her that first of all I am not doing it because I want to lose weight, I am doing it because of health issues, my love for animals and environmental issues. Secondly the anatomy of the pig is different, the pig is meant to be like that, and also the pig is an omnivore, so it doesn’t eat only grass. And thirdly the cow it’s not fat, it’s big, but it’s not fat, and this is also the anatomy of the cow.  And then she asked me why do I make her stupid :))) I told her that I did not make her stupid, I only disproved her arguments, and that she is talking rubbish. And then she said she is tired and doesn’t want to talk about it.

Another one told me if God didn’t want us to eat meat, he wouldn’t made the cow of meat.:)) which is hilarious because humans are also made of meat… so I guess it’s ok to eat people too If you apply that logic, right?

Some person told me that she  tried vegetarian and that she got sick, almost fainted. My answer was if you don’t eat anything, then that could happen. Being vegetarian doesn’t mean not eating, it means not eating meat primary, but you could eat anything else (vegetables, fruit, legumes, cereals).

So, why start a discussion you know nothing about, throw arguments that have no standing and then when you are proven wrong, change the subject or accusing me of being mean and insulting…

I think people fear vegetarians and try to put them down because they don’t understand what vegetarian really means. They feel guilty and disguise that emotion into a mild rage. Because even if we, vegetarians, don’t mean it, we blame others for doing wrong. Because we are doing right by not consuming animal product, and we do not participate (indirectly) in the slaughter of so many animals, and I think that meat eaters realize that. That’s why they try to deflect guilt, by attacking vegetarians, for we tell it as it is. And the reality it’s not pleasant. They prefer to live without knowing where their food came from. We pretty much shake their reality. And they fear change. 

They don’t see the animal which once was there, they only see a product, and then they meet a vegetarian. Puts things in a new perspective.

I went to a wedding and they made a special menu for me, vegetarian. But it went bad at one time, they brought me fish :))) and I was like, fish is not veggie… fish is meat. And the waiter was but it’s fish?! And I said just take it away, thanks. :))) that was a bit of a surprise for them, learning that fish is not vegetarian and that it’s meat…

I find it very easy to be vegetarian, I don’t get the flu anymore apparently, I used to get the flu twice a year, now I barely get a nose running and that’s about it. I feel so much lighter, I have so much energy, I used to drink a lot of coffee and energy drinks, and I feel I don’t need them anymore. I’ve noticed that my finger nails are stronger and don’t exfoliate, my hair seems to grow faster. And I’m feeling better about myself, I have a positive thinking, I’m more calm, I have more patience.

My close friends are really concerned not to eat meat in front of me, they feel bad about eating meat when I’m around, I don’t tell them what to eat, but they think I’m doing a good thing, and they are showing their respect, I guess.

They ask me why I’m doing this, not eating meat and other animal products, and I answer because I feel better and I think it’s the right thing to do.


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Comment by Lauren Woods on January 20, 2013 at 12:57pm

You seem very intelligent, and that you have a wonderful head on your shoulders. When I first began, I felt compassion for the animals, but was dumbstruck as to what to say when people began to confront me about my diet- even people as you say, who did not know me very well. No one has ever been so confrontational to any belief of mine, except for my diet- which is REALLY strange. But when you make a choice like this, and it reflects on something that person does, they often react negatively because you are a symbol. If you say, "I'm anti-murder" no one will confront you, if you say, "I'm anti-animal slaughter" people will confront you because they take part. You are different :)! We are part of a minority, and when a minority arises with an idea, they are seen as vulnerable, and aggressive- we are trying to change things, and that terrifies people who are afraid of change.

I loved your replies you gave them :) I don't think you'll have any problems xoxo Good luck on your journey.

Comment by Alexandra on July 5, 2014 at 2:31pm

Thanks Lauren! I'm vegan now. i made the transition soon after this blog. I love it :X and i got a few friends to join in, so to say :))

Comment by Jokas on July 20, 2014 at 6:20pm

Thanks for the story, very interesting and well written.


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