Any newbie vegan will tell you that one of the most difficult things about changing your diet completely is having to think about all those recipes you have to adapt and trying to come up with new things to cook. Being a newbie vegan myself, I decided to share the recipes which are incredibly easy to make, yet equally delicious to eat, hoping that there will be others who will fall in love with them as much as I did.

Cauliflower pizza


Is there anyone who doesn’t like pizza? I’m a sucker for pizza myself, so naturally I started looking for perfect vegan pizza recipes. While I’m used to tofu, I had trouble finding the right recipe for a nice vegan pizza crust. To my surprise, cauliflower was the answer all along. I fell in love with this recipe and today I’m a pro. While almond meal and homemade chia eggs struck me as odd, this is a wonderful recipe which my non-vegan friends appreciate too.

Veggie burgers

If you’re a fan of sweet and spicy combinations, you’ll fall in love with sweet potato and black bean veggie burgers! Not only are they vegan, but they’re gluten free too (something my friends liked as much as I did). You’ll need a pound and a half of sweet potatoes, a cup of cooked quinoa, a cup of gluten-free oats, a can of rinsed and drained black beans, and half of a small red onion. To make it spicy, use chilli powder, fresh cilantro leaves, cumin powder, smoked hot paprika, and sea salt. It’s even better if you leave it in the fridge overnight!

Fluffy gluten-free pancakes

I love pancakes, and I tried dozens of vegan recipes, but pancakes often end up heavy as bricks and flat like cardboard. That’s why I love this recipe – it’s easy and pancakes are all fluffy and delicious. Put the wet ingredients in your KitchenAid food processor and make a smooth paste out of coconut oil, almond milk, apple cider vinegar, vanilla extract, and maple syrup. Next, add the dry ingredients – the all-purpose flour along with tapioca flour, baking soda, baking powder, salt, and chia seeds. When everything is mixed, add one medium mashed banana. Since I’m not using eggs, chia seeds and the banana are natural egg substitutes which hold the batter together. The best thing is that you can use the same batter to make waffles.

Fudgy black bean brownies

As surprised I was when I saw that black beans go in a brownie, I fell head over heels in love with the result! Put half a cup of coconut oil and black beans in a food processor and pulse until smooth. Add one and a half cups of granulated sugar and a cup of chocolate chips and pulse until chocolate chips break up. Add two tablespoons of cocoa powder, half a cup of flour, a tablespoon of ground flax seeds and cornstarch. Once the mixture is smooth, pour it into the pan and bake it for 35-40 minutes. Super-easy to make, mind-blowing delicious, and incredibly healthy brownies. I can’t get enough of them!

The most important thing with vegan recipes is to keep an open mind and be willing to improvise. If you don’t like the idea of trying something new every now and then, you’ll be stuck with ten things you like and you’ll soon be bored to death eating the same dishes over and over. Browse the web, combine the ingredients, come up with new recipes and share them with others. You never know when you might invent someone’s favourite dish.


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