I am considered an overweight vegan. Before I was an overweight vegan, I was an obese vegetarian. I get asked/told all the time "If you're a vegan, why are you so heavy?" First of all, I'm not morbidly obese, I am maybe 20-30lbs overweight. But even if I was, that still wouldn't excuse those comments. I happen to like my body the way it, vegan or otherwise. I have soft curves, and I am womanly. I am proud of the body I have, and the food I put in it reflects that. I allow myself vegan indulgences when I want them, and I won't restrict myself just to be a "skinny vegan". 

I am having a hard time understanding why there's a stigma around overweight vegans. Every single website promoting veganism that I've come across says that one of the benefits of being vegan is that you'll lose weight. That's awesome, but what if I don't want to? Does that make me a horrible, bad vegan because I have no desire to get skinny? I love vegetables, and fruits, and whole grains. I eat right, I exercise moderately.. if I lose, I lose.. if I don't, I'm perfectly okay with that. I know there's a stigma around being overweight in general, but I am finding it particularly strong in the vegan community. 

Does anybody else find this problem as much of an annoyance as I do?

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Comment by Undertaker on March 18, 2014 at 12:26am

I don't think it's a stigma in veganism itself but it's a general thing, the majority of people overweight does see losing it as advantage, so that becomes a point in promoting veganism... as for "skinny", that's misconception from people who knows vegs only from comic strips.

Comment by Kayla on March 22, 2014 at 8:30am
I was severely overweight before turning vegetarian and lost lots of weight over the years as well as more from being vegan. It wasn't something I was aiming for but it was a bonus. I'm still a little overweight and I'm still considered a "fat vegan" but in all honesty I'm proud of my body and my diet. Everyone's body is different and I just don't think the general population understands that. It's frustrating to say the least but so many people will love both yours and my body and I'm happy with that
Comment by Chris Beans on March 23, 2014 at 10:06am

if ya wanna lose weight is not relevant.  Typically a healthy vegan diet will cause overweight people to dump off weight naturally.  That's the key.   Someone already in shape obviously doesn't needa care for that.   

Fact is the mass of fiber in vegan diet fills you up keeping u full longer.  You lose weight by default.  If you want 2 eat the potato chip n cocacola vegan diet though.. go ahead.


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