I've have been aware of how to tip people, thru having a job that i received tips has enlightened myself into this simple realm.

so i wanted to share and spread more of how to give a real tithe, when you tip a person you like and the service they provide you are supporting the kind of people and attitudes you want in the world.

i was at the store the other day, and a woman allowed me to go in front of her because i had only 1 item, as my gratuity for this woman i left her a dollar as a thank you. i do this often with services but lately more with just normal humans i encounter that i appreciate, i tend to be aggressive with homeless people who just beg for money, where in the past i had a sympathy for them foolishly.

i feel too much we give in to the whiners and complainers and dont pay or respect those who are truly good people in our society. pay it forward, its a real tithe. to the god of the characters of the people you enjoy.

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