Please help end this inhumane, insane, brutal and barbarious annual massacre in Canada.

Dear People, Please spare a few minutes to read this and sign the petition which costs you nothing. you must be already aware of this brutal and inhumane killing practice that takes place in Canada every year involving killing of baby seal pups for their skins. This is an annual practice in Canada and involves beating on the heads of seal pups with clubs and skinning them often when they are still alive while the mother seal cries desperately to save its kids. This kind of brutal, barbarous and inhumane killing practices should end at once and every human should learn to respect the rights and lives of the fellow beings for They are like us and This world is their home too.

The Seal Slaughter had already begun and as per records 530 seals were killed on a single day yesterday. Please I urge you all to take action immediately by signing the petition and spreading the news to ensure a wide reach and strong opposition for such insane, brutal, inhumane and barbarious practices. This annual massacre which is being practised since years should end..

Also please take a look at this video.. Canada's Shame!

This is a picture of a baby seal. Share this now if you think it's wrong for Canada to slaughter him! More info here:

Please support the cause.. Please spread the news and Please help end this shameful practice.. What we can do can be a minuscule But lets show the world our opposition!

Please sign the Petition Here:



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Comment by One Man & His Laptop on March 24, 2012 at 10:16pm

Depressing as hell. I ended up researching the subject on a few sites and Facebook pages which included sites which promote fur. Just mind boggling, they seem so enthusiastic about the subject yet so utterly oblivious about the misery it brings. I just find that type of mind set impenetrable.

Who in the civilized world wants to be seen dead wearing fur? Surely in todays far more animal aware age, it's a bit like walking down the street with a sandwich board strapped to their chest, with the words 'Unethical Scum" splashed across it. Or am I giving the general population too much credit?


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