"Feeling right is about living the life that's right for you."

-Gretchen Rubin

There is no doubt in my mind that living the right life for ourselves is the centerpiece of our own happiness,it's living the life of your dreams, or some variation of that dream.What is right for you, is not what you see around you, it is everything you have ever wanted to create and every activity that brings you joy.The right life is; the life that has balance.It incorporates our passions,our curiosity,and our potential.Feeling right has more to do with duty,a duty to be true to us.That duty will never be, living a life, that someone else thinks is right for us..

I have always loved martial arts.I have always been interested in participating in the teaching something. For a long time, when I younger and training.I would discouraged by my own mind,we often do.I would hear the words of everyone in my life, "you can't"or "you won't” or" you shouldn't .I would enforce these titles upon myself.The problem with titles is that they limit,they hurt,and titles limit you.Many people have this same experience.As I got older I learned.What is right for me, is not giving myself a title.Life  for me is creating,nourishing,and supporting the positive and helping others be positive.
Be really passionate about what  YOU want to do.That passionate doesn't mean,I enforce everyone to the life "I" want for my life.But,we live as the example,of what we want to reflect in life.(Be the change you want to see in the world)Rip every title and label  from yourself.If  we cant live our own life and incorporate our passion toward the things that make us happen,Is it really worth it?Leading a life others want YOU too..,? I'd rather not build my life around  something out of balance with my natural self because others think it's the right thing to do.
I've had to shed every single imprint and title that has been put upon me.I do not live a life that encourages me to suppress my own self or the suppression others..To me living a life of love and compassion, is not suppressing others.I want to become a butterfly,and the moth cocoon the world enforced on me cannot contain the wings I imagine for myself.

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