This video always a reminder to me.That the entire world with all of humanity included is essentially one in the same.We all come from the same source,we are all part of the same Universal organism.We are all part of the same system that is connected at all levels of the Universe,Nature and Animals.The only problem is that lots do not see it yet.Some of us know it but few of us understand it, yet some of us can actually feel it.

We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men;and among those fibers,as sympathetic threads,our actions run as causes,and they come back to us as effects. -HERMAN MELVILLE

While self-reliance is definitely important,it’s also important that we realize we all need each other for something.You see,human connection is the key to everything.Human connection is not something that we choose to do or not.It is in our nature.We need it.We long for it.The more we reject it the worse off we are.Connection plays a huge role in the meaning of our lives.Pride keeps us from accepting, giving and understanding each other.Go down the rabbit hole for a moment,open your mind up for something a little more intense.Compassion.You understand the importance for connecting with others when it comes to progress and searching for answers.What you might not realize,is that there is a deeper connection between all of us more then most want to admit.The quote is a reminder to live not only for ourselves,but for our planet as a whole.
As my heart is sadden when will man ever stop their destructive nature..

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