God almighty want us to act on his behalf and restore our earth to a good, loving place. He doesn't want us to ignore evil or bad souls and sit idly in the company of good souls , whiling away our precious time.

Remember never waste your time. We are sent to Earth to take on certain work, training , to gain exeprience , and to pay off karma, so finish what we have come to do on Earth before the time is up. Otherwise, we will have to reborn again for the same purpose and waste a lifetime or continue our life where we stop and suffer again and again that sickly body aches , pains for much longer than our karma requires. So we should not waste our precious time, finish our work on Earth quickly and may be we can return before our time is up.

God Almighty wants us to improve the bad and recent fallen souls and to help the needy and those who are facing difficulties on Earth. So these are the main reason we are on Earth , better to perform our duties so we will not regret later. :)

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