TEVA is Tut-monda Esperantista Vegetara Asocio/ The Vegetarian Organiztion for Esperanto speakers.

If you Google Tut-monda Esperantista Vegetara Asocio, or look for it a facebook, you will correctly conclude that there are vegetarians in all countries who speak Esperanto. I have met many of them in my travels to 34 countries. When you speak to Asians who have nearly dedicated 10 years learning English and are still struggling, do you feel good about this situation. A good third of the world speaks Asian languages like Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Korean. They can save most of that decade of their life by studying the much easier Esperanto. The USA basically is opposing vegetarianism with its massavie meet industry. Learn what a balanced international community can be like. and Kurso de Esperanto are two free programs used by hundreds of thousands of people.

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