I have to say single mothers have it hard. I spent they day holding my cutest little niece Emily for the longest time and I love babies I only wish I could have another one but I think that boat has sailed for me. Maven was such a wonderful son and I can't believe how old he is I only hope to see him again someday but it doesn't look good for me but there is always a little bit of hope. After that my other niece Katelyn made me take her to the park and experience the hard of taking care of kids when they want you to push them all the way up and around but you body can't do it cause your so week and you have to watch the other mothers try to do it when there younger than you and do a better job but you feel bad for them and try to help but can't feeling like a failure am I really that unhealthy and old? But you don't want to believe it even though you thankful for the little bit of time with them even if it is in the terrible sun and you can barely see and not break a sweat; its all good. I actually had a great holiday today which I wasn't expecting on this day but yes it was great...  

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