Being who we are is not a choice well for me anyway. Ive always been reminded of who I was.When not pretty enough . Thin enough. Smart enough.Do enough.Be enough.You start to get to the point , Enough is enough.I've never been enough, to most. But, I just finally had enough because I  know I am enough.

Whether I am gardening ,volunteering,laughing ,being head strong , ,being the activist ,or being the loving expressive soul with all I am.. It's me.Its my creative being and that's all I know. That's just all I need to be. I am nothing more than the life I choose. No one can choose it for me.

My life..
My way..
My expression..

It was in my not enough's that I found a much deeper truth.It is from them I bloom into a  rose. So, A kiss from a rose. Which, pink roses ,were the first bush I planted when my mom passed. To express appreciation, gratitude, and being thankful she was apart of my life for as long as I had her. She blessed me with gentleness.With a overcoming calmness in  a remembering her .Is it not an inner awakening to find ourselves and heart in a loving place, freed?

I want this for you and as I find within myself.
A kind of self freedom we each long for.

Love ,save us from ourselves.
Marching the Rose . Marching with @williampcorgan

I’ll lay roses at your feet
Til you decide there is something great in you

Rose March by Smashing Pumpkins

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