Guys, sorry for not updating the blog here! It has been three weeks since the camp ended, yet this blog is left alone.

I'll keep it short and sweet here since I'm working on other posts, too. Here is how it goes...

My family went shopping today. I wanted to buy a pair of shoes for formal occasions so mom brought me into a renowned shoes shop. When I saw the advert at the shop stating "Made with 100% calf leather/sheepskin", I immediately signaled my mom to leave. I was lucky that I could get another pair of shoes made with artificial leather (usually known as "plastic") at HALF the price of the shoes made of original leather. (around RM100 for the plastic; RM200 and above for the real stuff)

Dad asked me why I opted for plastic rather than leather. When I explained to him on the true face of the leather industry and the cost, he laughed, to my disgust. "So you eat leather?" That was what he asked me. My sis echoed in unison, chanting "My sister eats leather, that's why she does not dare to wear it!!!"

(Eating leather is among the MOST DISGUSTING stuffs on this planet, okay?)

I seriously don't know how to convince my dad. He has a BMI of 38, has gout, and snores OUTRAGEOUSLY loudly. Yet when I talked about vegetarianism, he insists that my health condition is poor without meat and I need some junk food (commercial chips etc) so that my body produces antibodies to ward off the bad stuff.

I mean, come on, since becoming a vegetarian, I tend to crave less junk, lose weight steadily and have elevated energy levels. For instance, I could barely do 5 burpees but now, at around 20 burpees at one go. Plus, I think one must be comfortable in one's own skin and leather is unnecessary. I cannot imagine wearing carcasses anymore and I try to avoid leather whenever possible.

I hope you can give me a way to convince him. Thank you and sadhu, sadhu, sadhu.

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Comment by Tracey Birtel on December 17, 2013 at 12:16pm

You can't always convince others, but stay true to yourself! I work at a hospital, and my co-workers give me a hard time for being a vegetarian! I don't bother getting in debates with them, anymore. Definitely avoid the leather! 

Comment by Sharon Ng Huey Yuek on December 17, 2013 at 7:11pm

I see eye to eye with you, Tracey! Yea, convincing others is indeed an uphill task. I tried to explain my cause and always face ridiculous rebuttals (The most frequent: plants have feelings too, so you're cruel to plants!) Some want me to explain yet they don't bother at all trying to listen to it, let alone understand my explanation.


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