Just curious on everyones thoughts. Since cats cannot live on a vegan diet, do vegans who own cats really consider themselves vegan? I guess I could understand if you had the cat before making the choice to be vegan, but otherwise, by purchasing cat food that contains animal products, doesn't that pretty much go against everything a vegan stands for? 

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Comment by Meaghan Lynn on February 10, 2014 at 4:52am

I own a cat and live with a man who does not have a vegan diet as I do. I am confident in myself to call myself a vegan since I cook all the meals for myself and do the vegetables for my boyfriend while he handles all the cooking of the meat.  I believe that just because your animals or significant other choose or in the animals case HAVE to eat a carnivorous diet does not make me any less a vegan.  I am still choosing what goes into my body and at the end of the day all I can control is my own body no one else's.  I also chose a vegan life after my boyfriend and I moved in together he is very supportive of my choices and I am supportive in his decision to stay a carnivore. It doesn't make me love him or my cat any less.

Comment by Angie on February 10, 2014 at 10:51pm

Ken and Meaghan - that is pretty much the same way I feel. I am married to a carnivore, and I agree that his choice is not my choice. I wondered mainly if vegans try to stay away from owning cats for this reason. 

I like the input about cats and dogs are carnivores, and humans are not. Very true.

Comment by Patrick Hautrive on February 11, 2014 at 2:17am

Hi, if I may share my simple view, in the hope it may be helpful: Cats NEED to eat flesh to stay healthy, that is what they would do if they were to live by themselves or in the wild and that is how their bodies function (which is NOT the case of humans, humans have the CHOICE not to eat animals and stay healthy if not more healthy, whether man or woman, girl or boy friend, and the point of civilisation IS to use our abilities to share a better world with ALL other living beings, further more most humans have the particularity to be conscious, in various degrees, but isn't one of the purpose in life to recognise our responsibilities in the world and to expand the consciousness we have the benefit to be aware of ?). Then, each journey is different, and our situation changes all the time and needs adaptation, but humans are also able to communicate with complexity and concepts and to express their will and commitment to some ideas they may cherish, and as I do right now by writing to you, I think changes may be an opportunity to discuss or review our beliefs, our understandings and our behaviours, especially with the ones that we care for the most, whether animals, companions or lovers... I am not speaking about forcing somebody, but to have the possibility to discuss in peace and analyse together where are the different point of views, what they mean for both parties, and if and how they can evolve... I believe being close to a vegetarian in a daily basis is already a chance ;-)

This is a picture extracted from the slide presentation of the Vegetarian Society of Hawaii, pointing some of the reasons to become vegetarian (by the way, the compounds stated in this image, that cats need, may be harmful for human's digestive system):


Blessings to you

Comment by Nathan on February 23, 2014 at 12:00pm

I raised two cats on a vegetarian diet and they were pretty cool with it but then again on the seeing meat they would be happier afterall they're the best experts on rats.


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