Vegan sushi: Tuna made of tomatoes?

Vegan sushi -- anyone?

A company called Ocean Hugger Foods has developed vegan sushi that it says tastes just like fish.

For example there's tomato tuna called "Ahimi".

According to the company's website, "Ahimi is made from tomatoes, but the texture and flavor of the tomato are transformed through a special technique. Ahimi was designed to be a delicious alternative to ahi tuna with a savory, meaty taste. It's made from tomato, but its appearance and texture are indistinguishable from raw tuna."

The company is also working on salmon made of carrots and eel made from eggplant.

Ocean Hugger says its sushi is safe, sustainable and fresh.

"Overfishing is destroying our oceans, and if we want to keep tuna from going extinct, we have to reduce the number we catch. Ahimi is a sustainable, plant-based alternative to tuna," said the company.

Would you try it?

Click here for more information.

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