Vegetarian Diet Is Now Easier to Follow Than Ever

The world is changing fast and so is our diet. Vegetarianism is not just a questionable lifestyle choice anymore. Scientific research that tends to be more favorable towards these dietary regimes are mounting up and the way we impact our environment as civilized animals calls for tweaking our habits, sometimes drastically. This also includes changing our eating habits, but thankfully, the mindset of people today is becoming noticeably more flexible and vegetarian diets are easier to follow than ever.

Why was it hard to follow in the first place?

Humans are creatures of habit. Once something becomes a part of our routine, it becomes hard to let it go, and three-meals-a-day which, more often than not, includes at least one meal centered around meat has been taken as something completely normal for a long time.

Let it be known, I am learning about a vegetarian diet more and more as the years go by, even though it’s a challenge for me to avoid eating juicy chicken at most two times a week. Maybe in a few years’ time, I’ll end up ditching meat completely, since going vegetarian is a gradual process.

Vegetarianism as a lifestyle has a rough history. Just over two decades ago, you’d be hard pressed to find restaurants that have a reasonably developed vegetarian menu. Even today, in some parts of the world, you are labeled as weird if you opt to avoid eating meat.

What are all the factors that mark the turning of the tide?

However, as it appears, the times have been changing for the better. The latest research results in the fields of medicine and biology are in favor of meat-free diet (though they simultaneously go out of their way to point out this is not clear-cut nor exclusive). Therefore, an increasing number of lifestyle enthusiasts around the world accept this change in nutrition intake with open arms.

On the other hand, there’s also the factor of environmental issues. The research has shown that the cattle industry (and generally, meat industry that includes animal breeding, cultivation and meat processing) has a significant impact on our environment, an impact that is even equivalent to a global carbon footprint.

Global warming is adding striking Celsius points to every climate, so today we have more smoldering hot regions in the world than ever. In such a frying-pan environment (Australia included), it’s much healthier to eat lighter food which is based on fruits and vegetables.

In the end, it is also a moral issue for some people. After witnessing the way animals live in heinous conditions which are deemed necessary to fulfill the demand for meat, not to mention the way they are killed, many people turn to a vegetarian diet. 

Even the corporate world is embracing it

The aforementioned factors have a significant impact on the turning of the tide in favor of vegetarian diet. Today, almost every respectable restaurant has a plethora of vegetarian meals on the menu, to the extent that it has turned into a legitimate option for those who want to hire catering agencies to supply their business events.

For my own business ventures that include hosting a meet-up for my partners, I tend to order food from a reliable agency because corporate catering in Sydney is hitting it’s all time high as far as development and services go.

There is so many options to choose from – you can even tweak your vegetarian meals further and ask for gluten-free food, meal options for the lactose intolerant, and other healthy nibbles. After all, tasty food is a crucial cog in the machine that leads to successful business deals, and it should never be underestimated as a factor in the corporate world.

It’s all about the health

We all know it’s all about our own well-being in the end. The research has shown that vegetarian diet can add an impressive chunk of 13 years to our lives. All the factors are mostly known to general public up until now, but it doesn’t hurt to repeat that this sort of veggie eating habit can help you ward off diseases and inflammations, help your body tap into previously unknown energy wells, keep your weight down and avoid toxins meat has a tendency to sponge up.


More and more people are becoming vegetarians every day, though it’s known to be hard for some people to persist through this diet. Therefore, it might be the best to go gradually or simply fashion your own type of diet that includes a bit of everything. This is an excellent time to experiment since it was never so easy to go vegetarian.

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Comment by Bonnie LaPierre on July 2, 2017 at 1:26pm

A total moral issue for me. I can not seem to walk anywhere in a store without seeing animal body parts. I feel the suffering, fear and pain. I stopped watching much TV because of the advertisers showing people eating steaks etc. When I drive past the fast food restaurants I can not help but look away.

I think we humans are better than this. I think we have a responsibility to the Earth and animals we share her with. The health benefit is a plus and an after thought for me. Does anyone share the same deep feelings about this that I do?


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