Hey so ive been a vegetarian for most of my life now. Recently thinking I should become a vegan. Is it quite hard to adjust from the two? Also whats some good yum vegan meals to make?

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Comment by mongi fantar on August 17, 2014 at 4:04pm

if you ask big chefs in the world, --vegan or not-- , they will tell you, " the more simple " , simple meals I guess, please the taste buds and benefit the organism best...that´s my answer while the following details musn´t be underrated or ignored either if " we " like  our " yum " meals to benefit us, always and at all !...

---now if a diet, no matter how " yum" your meals, be it vegetarian or vegan, doesn´t work or benefit, --as some complain as I often read--, the cause most likely -if not doubtless- lies in the fact that  " we " have made a trash can of the stomach today, the stomach that has a hard time sifting and sorting out often without enough liquid into the bargain --(liquid being the only, essential and vital distributor)--, said, sifting and sorting out often without enough liquid into the bargain so in the end we absorb but little of the minerals contained in the food we eat, as without enough liquid, those minerals don´t get conveyed to where they´re needed in the body, but " go unsung " in the daily morning session, while we eat less and keep our weight the more liquid we drink as liquid gets us the minerals contained in the food we eat ( am repeating myself, sure, but am aware of it)... ---therefore, best, get your minerals from large quantities of herbal teas (boil, boil and again boil unlike widely thought, 20 minutes and more as minerals never volatilize, no matter how long they boil and no matter the heat, therefore boil in order to extract the minerals out of them) , strong herbal teas being excellent when it comes to  supplementing, " plus " brewer yeast in powder and that you stir in cold water and gulp, one spoonful a day or two, some two hours after your meal, makes you feel as if you had all sorts of desserts or minerals at all...

Comment by Freddie on August 17, 2014 at 4:14pm

It's not easy to make, but I recommend vegan massaman curry with steamed rice. It's really nice, tho I recommend buying it from a Thai restaurant.

Other vegan foods you can make are vegan sandwiches!

Comment by ram k on August 17, 2014 at 11:45pm

For me it's really hard. Especially to get adjusted to soy milk and other alternatives to cow milk. Also, I can;t imagine life without yogurt. It's just impossible for me to survive without yogurt and i wonder if i can ever be a vegan because i can't quit yogurt and butter.

Comment by mongi fantar on August 19, 2014 at 12:56pm

basically, if you like something, "vegan or not" , eat it, it doubtless benefits more than something that you should eat because it´s vegan, but that you don´t like, because psyche (and habits if good ones), have a word to say too...but at all, don´t rush or force, things come by themselves anyway...
---so, just keep eating your yogurt and butter, best organic though or it may, in the long run, affect the health, as non-organic today is not seldom the product of sick animals through bad transport or bad fodder or whatever...
---again, to eat something that you should eat because it´s vegan, but that you don´t like, may not benefit...this however, unless you need to have 10 (ten) yogurt a day so to speak, otherwise just enjoy your yogurt and butter...however and again, best organic at least as to yogurt and dairy products in general, but I use olive oil à la place of butter...

Comment by ram k on August 20, 2014 at 11:34am

Thanks Mongi.. those are nice words!


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