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I’ve always loved lemon for its flavor, color and zestiness. The juice is my most preferred drink and would love having it every meal in a tall iced glass. But did you know that there other ways you can make use of a lemon that replaces the need for other chemically made products?

An anti-oxidant and containing high in vitamin C, the juice is 5% acid, which can make this fruit very useful for a lot of cleaning purposes. It’s also a lot more economical as lemon can be kept for two weeks on the crisper. The zest (peeled lemons) can even last up to six months.

  • Use this as a natural air freshener. Mix lemon with water, in equal amounts and then store this in a spray bottle to create a nice freshener to spray in the rooms of your house.
  • The same spray bottle solution can be used to clean kitchen or bathroom walls. Or use it to mask the smell of any vinegar-based cleaning solution you’ve done for the house.
  • I personally make use of lemon to clean the inside of our microwave by heating a few slices in a bowl of water for about a minute. Opening the microwave would reveal a lemony-scented odor, and wiping off excess would be a lot easier.
  • Combined with baking soda, it’s a powerful cleaning agent for kitchen sinks and drains. The juice is a natural degreaser and smells tons better than chemical based degreasers you can buy at home stores.
  • Lemons can also help with cuts and wounds. It’s anti-bacterial and a disinfectant which can help stop the bleeding. It may sting a little, though, so use it with care.


Apart from making use of honey to sweeten food, do you know that this can be used in many other ways that will benefit you?

Here are some great uses for honey you never thought was possible:

  • As a lip balm. Most lip balms contain honey anyway, but these have already been chemically processed. Go natural and use actual honey balm and mix it with other ingredients like almond oil and beeswax and you’re good to go.
  • Honey is also great for facials. I know it can be sticky but if you mix this with warm water, it’s going to be less syrupy and can work to moisturize your skin. Or you can also mix this with other ingredients like oatmeal, or cucumber, or lemon, for a more natural and benefiting facial.
  • In the same manner, you can use honey to soften your elbows or the heel of your feet.
  • Honey has antiseptic properties, thus it can help clean wounds, cuts and burns. Pick this one instead of Neosporin.
  • This is also a great ingredient for shiny hair. With every shampoo, you can mix a spoonful of this with water and massage your hair with it.
  • Nutritionists say honey is also effective to maintaining a weight loss plan. You can skip sugar in your diet and instead use honey for sweetening the food you eat. It’s definitely a lot healthier.

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