Will you help me stop the exploitation of ball pythons?


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                              This is why you should sign and help spread the word:

    Snakes have long been a favorite for countless Fear Factor stunts, (a game show on NBC) because many species' are harmless, yet they instill fear in most people. At least one episode involved the exploitation of ball pythons (also refered to as royal pythons) some of the most docile snakes in the world. (Don't believe me? This website is a wonderful respresentation of the nature of ball pythons http://www.ballpython.ca/care.html)

    Contestants had to move them from a glass coffin where their partner was laying, covered in hundreds of the snakes. Many of them were juveniles, and all of them were distressed, and understandably so, since the other contestants were not using their hands to move them, but their teeth. The majority of the animals were curled into a tight ball, indicating extreme stress once they were disturbed (hence the species name).

    They were also being roughly dropped into glass boxes, and most were dropped so carelessly that they landed on the edge of the box, which could potentially injure any python's neck, adult or juvenile.     

    As the proud owner of a beautiful, 5 year old male ball python, (that's him in the picture) this appalled me. I couldn't imagine why any organization would condone such a "stunt", and I certainly couldn't imagine anyone doing such a thing to my snake.     

    I hope that, whether you are a reptile enthusiast or not, you will aid my efforts to stop Fear Factorfrom abusing such docile animals. I have attempted to contact them on several occassions, and never recieved any response. Please stop this senseless practice, it is dispicable and unnecessary!

P.S. You can see the images for yourself on NBC's website http://www.nbc.com/fear-factor/photos/snake-bite/9415#item=215987

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Comment by Anna on June 1, 2012 at 4:26am

Oh... I'm not enthusiast of snakes (brrrrrr!!) but I beleive that no live creature deserves such a treatment :(

I mean, if someone would do similar thing to puppies or kittens (species that everyone finds sweet and loves them), It would definetly make me feel disturbed and furious. But actually snakes are as live, intelligent and as suffering as puppies are, and it's not their fault a lot of people are afraid of them.. In short words...petition signed!!


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