She said she likes me
But I can't date a zombie
The zombies say she's pretty
But all corpse eaters are yucky

She thinks she's pretty
But I can't kiss a zombie
Her lips smell of dead poultry
She loves bacon more than me

The zombie asks me if I marry his daughter
But how can I marry a corpse eater
Living with a zombie is disaster
I'll rather die without a partner

Zombie loves liar
Cos they lie for survival
always pretend to be cordial
Rivaling to hunt for sex partner

Zombie loves butcher
Seek to lust on each other
Treating his wife like hamburger
Proud of her husband's cruel nature

Social gatherings to flirt for more offsprings
Zombies love to party for animal-offerings
Their ladies chat on corpse cookings
Lives are good taste of sufferings

My sister is pretty
She's in love with a zombie
She doesn't care he is nasty
Imagine how she kiss a zombie

She'll marry a zombie
He loves her meaty body
They will end up in misery
She says corpse eater is sexy

Lovely animals will be slain for their wedding
To feed the guest zombies by the killing
Making fun with animal slaughtering
Looking forward a tragic ending

Lyrics by Dreamless 18/3/2014 All rights reserved. 
Feel free to share. Please contact for song production. 

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