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At 12:24am on May 9, 2019, Betty Jahn said…

Hi, friend Vedita!  God is the only doctor I ever use and his mercy is infinite!  We can ask him for assistance in dying, and he answers our prayers beyond our wildest hopes for wonderfulness.  I had a dog who was suffering terribly from my inadequate vegan diet for her, and I couldn't learn fast enough how to correct it.  So I asked God to take her to himself.  He did, and so beautifully!  It was peaceful, at home, and seemed to be pain-free.  I asked for similar deaths for both my parents when their time came, and God granted my prayers for them also.  Pain-free, peaceful, no interventions from doctors, which neither of them wanted.  Please give God a try.  You'll find him merciful beyond imagining.  Sometimes he doesn't bring death, but miraculous healing instead!

At 10:49pm on May 10, 2019, naturetraveller said…

Hi  Vedita....!   You're welcome....!!

At 7:29am on May 16, 2019, Betty Jahn said…

Vedita, what sort of sickness do your loved ones have?  Sometimes God tells us foods they can eat to relieve their pain, and sometimes even to get back to health!  I've been on death's doorstep several times, and God showed me certain foods which brought me back.  But of course, times when I was only semi-conscious and way too sick to eat, nothing would save me but a miracle.  I was prepared to die, but God came through for me with a miracle.  Please let me know if you want me to pray for your loved ones.  I love to pray!

At 10:51pm on May 20, 2019, Betty Jahn said…

Many prayers going up to God for your dear mother, Vedita. Since you didn't mention any specifics, I'm asking God to help her in every way that only he can know is best.  I share your abhorrence for long drawn-out deaths under medical science for terminally ill people, but if euthanasia was practised, we'd be asking doctors to usurp God's domain over life and death.  It's not necessary to put them in that awful position, because I can testify from personal experience that God answers our prayers for quick and painless death for both animals and humans.  And this way they can die at home in our arms, with dignity, peace, and almost joy (Robert Browning called it a sorrow that came to him more like a solemn joy).

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