The heartbreaking final embrace of mother child - just moments before they are forever torn apart. You may be contributing to this heartbreak with your daily choices. But you can prevent this from happening to another family with one simple choice. Watch the video and ▼see below for more information.▼

➤See through the eyes of mother and child:
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Cows, just like us, and all mammals, only produce milk for their babies after giving birth.

In order to produce a constant supply of milk for human consumption, dairy cows are repeatedly forcefully impregnated.

Because calves suckle from their mothers, as they are meant to do, they must be taken away to preserve the “product” for humans.

The males are of no use and are brutally confined and killed for veal as babies.

The females replace their mothers, whose bodies give out from the grief and abuse decades before their life expectancy.

This is the face of dairy.

Keep families together. Ditch Dairy. Go Vegan.

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