4 Reasons to Avoid Eating Eggs

chicken abuseHave you ever realized there's no such thing as a vegan refrigerator? Try opening the nearest fridge and you'll find an egg rack along with a clearly marked butter tray and meat drawer. Eating animals and animal by-products is not just accepted, it's expected. As I've documented here several times, what's expected is not always grounded in reality.

4 Reasons to Avoid Eggs

1. Chicken Abuse

Most people don't know this, but chicken are inquisitive and intelligent animals. Chicken abuse not only happens in the U.S., it happens all over the world.

2. The Free Range Myth

As the good folks at Compassionate Over Killing explain: "The popular myth that 'free-range' egg-laying hens enjoy fresh grass, bask in the sunlight, scratch the earth, sit on their nests, and engage in other natural habits is often just that: a myth. In many commercial 'free-range egg farms, hens are crowded inside windowless sheds with little more than a single, narrow exit leading to an enclosure, too small to accommodate all of the birds at once. Both battery cage and 'free-range' egg hatcheries kill all male chicks shortly after birth. Since male chicks cannot lay eggs and are different breeds than those chickens raised for meat, they are of no use to the egg industry. Standard killing methods, even among 'free-range' producers, include grinding male chicks alive or throwing them into trash bags and leaving them to suffocate."

3. The Protein Myth

How much protein do you think we need? The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition says 2.5% of our daily calories should come from protein. According to the World Health Organization, it's about 5%. How does that work out in grams? A lot lower than the US average of 100 grams a day, that's for sure. "To consume a diet that contains enough, but not too much, protein, simply replace animal products with grains, vegetables, legumes (peas, beans, and lentils), and fruits," clarifies the Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine. As long as one is eating a variety of plant foods in sufficient quantity to maintain one's weight, the body gets plenty of protein."

4. Cholesterol

Check this:

  • Rise in blood cholesterol level from consuming one egg per day: 12%
  • Associated rise in heart attack risk from consuming one egg per day: 24%
  • Risk of death by heart attack for average American male: 50%
  • Risk of death by heart attack for average vegan: 4%

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