Diet Tips and Myths

vegetarian-dietThe first diet myth is that you do not have to eat too much at night because you will gain more weight. People believe that because you do not do much at night, you do not burn much of what you eat during that time. An experiment done by Dunn Nutrition Center showed that it does not matter how much you eat at night. What matters is how much food you eat in the whole day that will determine if you will really gain weight.

The second diet myth is that cholesterol is bad for you. The truth is there are good cholesterols and there are bad cholesterols. Cholesterols, just like any other fat, do not dissolve in our blood. That can be dangerous because they can clog the arteries or the passages in our hearts. The good cholesterols drive away bad cholesterols from the arteries. Instead, they displace the bad cholesterols back to the liver.

Protein is essential to build muscles in the body. Because vegetarians do not eat meat, the third diet myth states that people who are more into vegetables cannot have muscles. This is untrue because they can also get their protein fix from non-meat products such as cheese, grains and nuts.

Some smokers reason out that they do not want to gain weight that is why they do not go cold turkey. This is another diet myth. There are people who have gone cold turkey and they even lost weight. It is a well-known fact that nicotine, which is found in cigarettes, boosts a person?s metabolic capability. But it is also a well-known fact that smoking is very dangerous to our health.

Another diet myth tells that people should suppress themselves to lose weight. It is true that there are people who think that dieting is a form of punishment. This, however, is not always the case. Most diet programs tell dieters to avoid certain kinds of food, but not to stop eating altogether. There are even diet programs which boats of food that are extremely delicious you will not even think you are going on a diet.

If busting those myths are still not enough for you to not fear or question going on a diet, then here are some diet tips for you:

First tip is for you to determine what your motivation is for going on a diet. Do you just want to look stunning in a swimsuit? Do you have an ideal weight? Do you want to join a contest? Are you tired of not minding what you eat, and in turn, also your body? Your motivation shall keep you going with the diet during times when you feel like you can no longer continue the program. Another tip is for you to talk to people who are also on a diet. Share stories, tips, and recipes with each other. You can even have a friendly contest on who loses more weight after a certain period of time. Another diet tip is for you to drink plenty of water. Drinking water is very important when you are in a diet because it gives you the feeling that you are already full, and you will eat less afterwards. Drinking water also drives away the toxins from the body.

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