Do Vegans Get Enough Calcium?

broccoli - source of vegetarian calciumCalcium is needed by the human body to make strong bones and teeth and also plays an important role in blood clotting and in nerve and muscle function. It has sometimes been questioned whether the vegans consume enough calcium as their dietary intake of calcium is usually lower than that of other dietary groups.

However, calcium deficiency has never been reported in vegans and medical studies have shown vegan calcium intake to be perfectly adequate. It is even thought that the vegan diet may offer some protection against osteoporosis.

Good sources of calcium in the vegan diet include: tofu precipitated with calcium sulphate, seeds and nuts - particularly almonds, watercress, blackstrap molasses, dried figs, dates, tahini spread, chick peas, hard water, calcium enriched soya milk and many green leafy vegetables - particularly kale, collards and broccoli.

The RDA for calcium differs between countries, being higher in the USA (800 mg) than in Britain (500 mg). Pregnant women and vegans who under 25 need more calcium than this and should check out the recommended calcium levels for their country.

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