Year 2013, Year of CHANGE

vegetarian happy new yearSo we will soon leave year 2012. Year 2012 has been the year that change the world, so many things happens to us in this life. I don’t know how many people turn to be vegetarian during year 2012. I, myself, keep doing my best to bring the information about vegetarianism/veganism to everyone everyday with the hope more people turn to be vegetarian/vegan.

Nobody is perfect, as I believe. Sometimes, when I try to bring some information about veganism, I know that it may be a rather rude for some vegetarians. I don’t mean to say that vegans are any better than vegetarian. I am very sorry about this. I have been a vegan since year 2012, and naturally I post more about veganism on my simple blog, though the blog is about vegetarianism. I believe vegans are vegetarian too. We are all one family. I love you all my readers.

Year 2013 is coming now. Let’s hope year 2013 will be the year of CHANGE. I believe more people will decide to be vegetarian on year 2013. People will have to think about their HEALTH, about their LIFE, and about the Planet. Let’s start eating healthy, start living healthy. By becoming a vegetarian will change the world to be better.

Life is about doing more, not about having more. Let’s do more and hope more people will turn to become a vegetarian on year 2013. And let’s hope a better tomorrow for our planet, for our life.

Finally, I wish you the happiest New Year you ever had. May all the best come to your life, and may all dreams come true! Wish you success in life. May happiness come to all!

Xiao Kang.

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