10 Ways to Increase Your Daily Water Intake

If you’re anything like me, running around like a mad woman downing mindless cups of caffeine in all varieties, all day, well, then you probably aren’t getting enough water either. So, I’m doing the only logical thing and making a point to drink more of it every day! Here are some tips on jumping on the water train, straight to hydration station!

1. Know that the eight glass rule isn’t necessarily for everyone. Weight and exercise also factor into how much you should drink a day so figure out how much water you need a day with this nifty water-drinking calculator!

2. Don’t feel like you have to start drinking dozens of glasses of water right off the bat, ease into it!

3. When you want to drink a soda, think about the pros and cons. What good is a soda for you? It’s full of Aspartame, unnatural sweeteners, dyes… who knows! Water on the other hand is something your body needs and flourishes from.

4. Make water accessible! Buy yourself a water purifying system (Heck, you can nab yourself a Brita at the grocery store!) so that way there is never an excuse not to pour yourself a glass.

5. To piggyback on making it accessible, plan ahead! If you know you’re going to be out and about all day or sitting for forever at a desk, pour yourself a bottle to-go so you’re prepared when thirst strikes.

6. Drinking water all day can get a little boring, so spice it up! Add some fruit to your next glass! A personal favorite of mine is to add cucumber. It’s refreshing and different and keeps my taste buds from yawning while keeping my body happy.

8. Add some incentive to drinking water by keeping it cold- cold water takes energy for your body to regulate the temperature and burns calories!

9. If none of these strike your fancy, set a timer! Depending on how much water you need to intake, you can anticipate needing to drink a glass every other hour, for example.

10. Get sneaky by eating water enriched foods like watermelon or tomatoes- both over 90 percent made of water not to mention delicious and healthy for you!

Water is the essence of life, don’t forget to make it a part of yours!

Source : Care2


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