6 Types of Tea for 6 Different Mood

6 Types of Tea for 6 Different MoodA cup of tea heals emotional wounds, alleviates sickness and makes cold weather more bearable, even enjoyable.

Tea humanizes complete strangers and dissolves cultural barriers. If I know that your kitchen cupboards are stuffed with different types of tea bags and tea leaves, I will probably like you.

And let’s remind ourselves of all those health benefits of tea that people keep raving about, for good reason. Tea contains beneficial antioxidants that help fight cancer. Tea also boosts the immune system, increases mental alertness, lowers stress hormone levels and can help you sleep.

Which tea best suits your emotional and physical needs right now? Here is a handy guide.

Need a Quick Pick-Me-Up? Drink Black Tea. Black tea is Coffee Lite for those of you wanting to cut back on your coffee but still needing that perky caffeine fix. The strong flavor will reinvigorate your senses and get your mental gears running for the rest of the day.

Want to Feel Healthy and Refreshed? Try White Tea. White tea has the least amount of caffeine and contains the most antioxidants. As it is the least processed tea compared to other tea types, it has a light flavor that will go down smoothly.

Need Some Stress-Relief? Try Green Tea. Green tea has a natural, grassy, neutral flavor that is perfect for stress relief. Plus, it is not loaded with as much caffeine as black tea.

Need Some Creative Inspiration? Try Indian Chai Tea. Indian chai tea is a multifaceted taste palette loaded with different spices and nuances. Whether you drink it straight or with some cream and honey, consider having this drink within arm’s reach for your creative brainstorming sessions.

Feeling Physically Under the Weather? Try Fruit-Flavored Tea. Orange tea, lemon tea, raspberry tea: the options are endless. Drink up for sore throats, body aches and general under-the-weather-ness. Too bad cough medicine doesn’t taste more like this.

Need to Quench Your Thirst? Try Cold Oolong or Barley Tea. Found in most Asian supermarkets, getting a cold bottle of these teas is the perfect way to satisfy your thirst on a hot day. With ice, please.

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