Farm Sanctuary Piglets at Play

Sometimes it is nice to see just how all pigs should be able to live.

Sprinkles came to us as a nervous, skinny little piglet who wouldnt eat. Rescued from a factory farm that had separated him from his mother, docked his tail and castrated him without anesthesia, Sprinkles was traumatized and scared of the world. Tim was the runt of his litter. Found malnourished and sickly, he had a badly-injured foot and a large hernia and faced premature death. Abandoned by those who were supposed to care for him, Tim was inconsolable when he first arrived at our New York Shelter.

Alone, these little pigs were timid, frightened and sad. And though they warmed up to and sought solace from their caregivers, they still longed for the comfort that only another member of their species could provide. Lucky for them, we had the exact medicine they needed to pull through and wasted no time introducing the two. Bonded within moments of meeting, Sprinkles and Tim received the greatest gifts any animal could ask for — permanent refuge and a friendship that will last a lifetime. Since the happy day they met, the two have been unstoppable, as you can see from their wild romp in this sweet video. Confident and deliriously happy, Sprinkles and Tim are now grown, but remain the best of friends.

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