Five Famous Female Vegetarian and Vegan Athletes ‎

Martina Navratilova choose to live a vegetarian lifestyleMany people mistakenly believe that athletes need to consume meat products in order to perform their best and get an adequate amount of protein in their diet. This belief, although common, simply isn't true.

In fact, there are many female sports celebrities who practice a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, and kept on top of the game.

Venus & Serena Williams

Venus Williams decided to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle after learning she suffered from an incurable auto-immune disorder. Her sister, Serena Williams, showed her support by pledging to take on the same dietary changes. The two world-renown tennis champions have decided that together they will adopt a vegetarian lifestyle in order to improve their health, and hopefully, reduce some of the symptoms Venus experiences due to her health condition.

Martina Navratilova

Martina Navratilova, a tennis player who won 18 major international championships and placed as runner up in 14 others, chose to live a vegetarian lifestyle. Vegetarianism fits Navratilova well, as she is well known for acting as an animal rights activist.

Hannah Teter

Hannahaa Teter, a U.S. snowboarder, had found a passion other than the snow and ice: protecting and speaking out for baby seals being slaughtered for their fur in Canada. Teter posed for a PETA ad campaign to promote awareness for the seals. Teter is compassionate and concerned about the treatment of all animals, not just seals, and follows a vegetarian diet.

Ruth Heidrich

Ruth Heidrich, a triathlete and cancer survivor, has been living a vegan lifestyle for over 25 years. Holding a master's degree in psychology, as well as over 900 medals for her impressive running ability, Heidrich has proven to the world that an athlete doesn't need meat to perform his or her best.

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