Humans Are Born Herbivores

raw vegan dietBy Terri Lynn Merritts

Many times vegans hear the argument from omnivores that humans need meat, dairy and eggs to be healthy because we are born to be omnivores. Does a careful examination of the human body bear this out? No, it does not.

True carnivores are able to consume meat without health problems while humans develop life-threatening conditions such as coronary artery disease, colon and other digestive system cancers, heart attacks, and strokes due to the consumption of meat, dairy, and eggs. Our teeth are close to the teeth of other herbivores and are nothing like that of carnivores. To see this for yourself, check out your teeth in a mirror then look at photos of wolves, lions, and tigers to to see the difference.

This link can offer much more information on why humans should eat a plant-based diet and live the healthy life we were meant to enjoy.

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