Protein: What You Need to Know

vegetarian source of proteinHigh-protein diets now dominate the weight-loss scene. Many of you may have tried one of the many popular diets such as the Zone, South Beach, Dukan and Atkins diets.

Nutritionists are constantly being asked, "Do these diets work?" and "How much protein should I be eating?" The truth is protein has many more functions than simply assisting with weight loss. We should be focusing on protein’s health benefits instead of what it can do for our waistlines.

Protein is made up of many different amino acids, nine of which are "essential" amino acids, which are vital for a healthy mind and body.

Although it is common knowledge that protein is required for building muscle, did you know it is also the basis of our tendons, ligaments, collagen, hair and skin?

Dietary protein sources are necessary for healthy hormone production, correct fluid balance and the transportation of vitamins, minerals and oxygen throughout the body. Protein is also essential for antibody production and a healthy immune system.

Protein for Vegetarians?

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