Seasonal Detoxification

Seasonal DetoxificationSeasonal changes do not only affect your mood but they also create changes to your health. When the weather changes, your body is weakened and thus serious infections and parasites are easier to catch.

Though herbs and acupuncture can protect your body, cleansing and detoxification are also great preventive methods. Sudden changes in temperatures experienced due to artificial or natural changes (outside or inside) can also be very harmful at times because they weaken your immune system. The various seasons affect each individual differently.

When toxins enter the human body by way of the digestive system, they get easily absorbed and thus enter into the blood stream. A few of these toxins get eliminated via sweat but many stay within your system. The accumulation of toxins may be very subtle yet may also lead to serious health crises such as cancer. In many cases, these toxins are not even detected in general blood tests .
Spring is considered to be an ideal season for cleansing and detoxification of the body.

Detox Methods

While your body has a natural filtering and detoxifying system, sometimes it needs help when the burden is too much.

* Body brushing – This method involves using a natural bristle brush to remove dead skin cells and debris from the outside of your body. Pores can easily get clogged up and regular brushing can remove them. It can also help remove cellulite. Perform the technique in the morning while you are still dry and then shower to remove the impurities.

* Massage – Ancient oriental medicine believes that the body is governed by energy. This energy flows throughout the body, allowing it to maintain a healing balance. When the energy is blocked, that is when you get disease. Regular massage can work to remove the blockages that cause problems in the body. Toxins can flow into the bloodstream and be eliminated from the body.

* Diet – The culprit of some toxins is what we eat. Added preservatives can build up in the body and potentially harm us. By eating more whole foods like fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes, the body can remove excess toxins and get back to functioning normally. You gain more energy, increased immunity and faster digestion. This can all lead to weight loss as well.

* Exercise – Exercise gets the blood flowing. It increases the metabolism so more fat is burned for energy. This also releases toxins into the bloodstream to be excreted by the body. As a by-product, you feel better, gain mental clarity and increased cardiovascular health. Sweating releases toxins through the skin to lighten the load.

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