Steve Jobs, Innovator and Vegetarian

Steve Jobs, Innovator and VegetarianVegans, like vegetarians, do not eat meat. However, vegans are more strict and will not even eat animal by-products such as dairy foods. Jobs first became a vegan after an enlightening trip to India in 1974.

Steve Jobs may be remembered most for his innovations in technology, but all Vegetarians/Vegans and all green groups in the world will also remember the Apple co-founder for his kindness to animals and efforts to help the environment.

PETA praised Jobs for his vegetarianism and his support of animals through the "Pixar film studio [that] created heartwarming and thought-provoking movies about unlikely animal heroes."

They said of Jobs, "If his movies or his lifestyle inspired even one person to become a vegetarian, he no doubt saved hundreds of animals' lives, and for that we thank him."

Honoring the greener moments in Jobs' career with Apple, TreeHugger praised him for withdrawing Apple from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce because of the organization's climate change denial.

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