Vegetarianism: Improving One's Health and Image on Life

Vegetarianism: Improving One's Health and Image on LifeEverybody should try vegetarianism at one time in their lives. And no, going one or two days without eating animals does not qualify as being a vegetarian.

Contrary to popular belief, vegetarianism is not the love of being a vegetable. To some, it is an experiment, and to others it is a preferred way of life.

The most popular reasons that people become vegetarian are because they do not agree with the methods that food manufacturers such as KFC (Kentucky Fried Cruelty) use to kill sweet (not in the literal sense), innocent animals, or because they want to improve their health.

“I’m a volunteer at Palomar Hospital and seeing what patients endure due to neglecting their health has turned me into a moderate health freak. Eating meat leads to a higher cholesterol, which leads to higher risk of cardiovascular problems. Especially in America, our meat really isn’t taken care of, so the meat here may be loaded with drugs and bad chemicals. As much as cruelty occurs to the animals, that’s not my reason for being vegetarian. I just care about my health,” senior Luchie Glorioso said

Being a vegetarian does not necessarily mean that you are some psycho animal-loving freak. Nor does it mean you have the right to demand that nobody else eats meat around you. Vegetarians should understand that not everyone has the same beliefs as them and that eating meat does not make someone a horrible person. Inadvertently killing an innocent life form and eating its’ flesh does not quite qualify as murder.

“When it comes to vegetarians, I think of cheese and pastas. Simply because the three vegetarians that I know mainly eat Mac & Cheese or spaghetti, and they hardly eat veggies. I have considered vegetarianism but then I think about how much I’d miss chicken and the struggle I’d face when converting," seniorSaul Cruz said.

As for the vitamins that vegetarians do not get because they don’t eat meat, there are supplements and alternate foods that will sufficiently substitute.

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