Why You are not a Carnivore

Love us, not eat us! All lives are precious.

Six good points that prove human beings are herbivores. See which dietary class you associate with.

  1. Carnivores have claws for shredding flesh. Herbivores do not.
  2. Carnivores perspire through their tongues. Herbivores perspire through sudoriferous glands (skin pores).
  3. Carnivores have sharp front teeth for tearing and no rear molars for grinding. Herbivores have the molars accompanied by flat front teeth.
  4. Carnivores have an intestinal tract that is only 3 times their body length so rapidly decaying food can pass through quickly. Both herbivores and humans have a tract of about 10-12 times the size of their body length.
  5. The stomach acid of herbivores and humans is 20 times weaker than the hydrochloric acid of a meat eater.
  6. Herbivores and humans have well-developed salivary glands carrying alkaline and ptyalin in the mouth for the pre-digestion of plants. Carnivores do not.

Education and scientific/natural proof is a powerful tool in sharing vegetarianism with others.

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