6 Reasons to Go Vegan

Take this 6 facts:

  • Worldwide over 852 million people go hungry.
  • 79% of annual world cereal + soy harvest is consumed by the 20billion "farm- animals".
  • To produce 1 kg of meat, you need 7-16 kg corn or soy beans+ 15.000 litres of water.
  • On the surface, which is needed to harvest 1 kg of meat, could generate, in the same period, 200 kg of tomatoes or 160 kg of potatoes.
  • 50% of water pollution in Europe are caused by factory farms.
  • The contribution of livestock to the greenhouse effect is the same as that of the entire global, auto, air and waterway together.


Redirecting even a portion of the grain used to fatten cattle could feed every hungry mouth on the planet.
Forks Over Knives

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  1. People should still be talking about birth control though...because even if more food is loosened up because of people becoming vegetarian....that alone is not a long term solution to the food problems we all face on earth. The elephant in the room is over population & we must collectively talk about it.
    Vegetarianism plays a role in saving the earth but not if humans mindlessly keep popping out billions of more people !

  2. I recommend to eat veggies! it help our digestion go better because of its fiber content.

  3. For me I really love spinach! Balance diet makes our body more healthier.


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