Compassion and Kindness to Animals

Compassion and Kindness to AnimalsI’m having a day where I’m just fed up with the defensive nonsense people come up with.

I can understand people not knowing, we were all there once. We’ve all been conditioned to eat other animals flesh and milk and see it as normal.

I can understand people finding it hard to change, that’s not always easy and it’s a process for everyone.

People who are acknowledging the obvious suffering and trying to change, are sane kind people doing their best to overcome a lifetimes indoctrination and habits, and respect to you for that.

But the people who can look at these images, see the footage of what’s happening to animals on factory farms and slaughterhouses, find out that they don’t have to eat animals to meet their nutritional needs, once you know these things combined, to continue to justify your violence towards these innocent animals – I’m sorry, you’re subhuman. You’re a psychopath. A culturally sanctioned very normal psychopath, but here, this page, is not the best place to come and share how much you intend to continue with your violent tendencies.

Animals need help and compassion is not another way of saying - unless they’re animals who you particularly like the taste of – then you can abuse, mutilate, confine and stab to death all you like.

What someone else just said on another thread was to see this kind of behavior in people as a ‘shortcoming’ to be forgiven and accepted. I don’t forgive or accept your violence, this is not a ‘shortcoming’ some idiosyncratic characteristic which I am to tolerate, any more than if you took my cat or dog, or my grandmother and hacked them to pieces would be.

This is brutal horrendous violence. This is having your throat slit open and bled to death. Or rather, not you, but these innocent gentle animals who have done you no harm who have no voice to protest and who suffer as much as you would in the circumstances.

If you can’t empathize with that suffering enough to stop paying someone to do that to innocent gentle animals – honestly you need therapy.

What you don’t need, is to be coming on this page and expressing your opinions. They won’t be welcome here, and arguing with us is only another way of defending against seeing your own violence. That’s not what we are here for either.

This page is about compassion and kindness to animals, and we show a great deal of respect to one another, those of us who genuinely care about animals and avoid harming them wherever possible.

Those who don’t care, or pretend to care whilst still gratuitously slaughtering them, will get no such respect from me. You’ll get the cold hard truth, and I can help you find a good therapist if you’d like. Whenever you are ready to stop being violent, you have my friendship. But until then, you’re a violent lunatic and not one I want to hang out with.

Source : Loving Animals, Healing Our World


  1. Well said, wish I could be as precise with my thoughts at times. I appreciate your thoughts as some days I really feel I'm on my own in my in this "If you love animals, STOP eating them" thing. I had an associate recently tell me in sharing my views I was making others wrong. Just made me even more determined to be a louder, clearer voice for our furry, feathered and finned friends. thanks for your post. I loved it.

  2. I have been a meat eater since 33 years, before I became a vegetarian. It is so painful to think of all these years of acting in ignorance and total blindness. Unfortunately, unless someone does not voluntarily decide to open the eyes, there is no information or call for compassion that enters the brain. Sad but true...


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