Eat the Baby

baby lamb

No Body wants to eat meat after reading this Heart Wrenching Poem except If one is heart-less

When mum gave birth to a baby,

All chorused, 'Well done mum!'

But mother didn't say a word

Because this mum was dumb.

When baby was a few days old

Their mouths began to water

The innocent little baby would

Very soon be gone for slaughter.

When baby was but two weeks old

They put her on the scales

From there into a wooden box

Made fast with iron nails.

They took the baby to a place

Which had a crimson floor,

The walls were coated too of course

With crimson guts and gore.

They dragged the baby from the box

Onto the bloody ground

And when the shocks were sent through her

She didn't make a sound.

They hung the baby by her feet

Onto a moving chair

But no one stopped to ask about

The excruciating pain.

The baby traveled upside down

And met a bloody knife

And when the knife plunged into her

She parted with her life.

The baby hung there motionless,

Her entrails swam below

The reason for her violent death?

The lamb would never know.

They ripped the skin, clean off her back

And hacked her into two

The reason for the baby's death?

was simply HOT LAMB STEW!!!!

Source : Vegetarian Friend



  2. I sadly do know somebody who would be heartless and not care about this..

  3. This makes me so sad!


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