Go Vegan Organic

You may need a lawyer once or twice in your life - a doctor, hopefully never - a policeman maybe once ...... But we all need an organic farmer three times a day, everyday 24/7..........

You either pay the doctor or the farmer - simple as that. So what do you choose? Let’s live a healthy life, go vegan organic!

Organic produce is more nutritional and environmentally beneficial as organic farming prevents loss of topsoil, toxic runoff resulting in water pollution, soil contamination and poisoning and death to insects, birds and other animals beneficial to soil organisms.

Organic farmers do not use pesticides, herbicides and fungicides residues on food, no genetically engineered organisms and synthetic fertilizers and they also inject less chlorine chemistry into our environment.

The produce is thus richer in vitamin content and higher in mineral content. Organic farmers use things like compost, rock dust, and kelp meal, which contain dozens of different trace minerals and soil builders. Organic farmers try to increase the number of beneficial soil organisms, rather than killing them.

The local farms that I buy from are owned by hard working families that are so passionate about the environment and producing the finest quality produce they can. I have visited many of the farms and I love their labor of love they endure. I greatly value their passion for a healthier food and a safer environment.

Organic farmers are so proud of their produce. I have eaten a salad right in the middle of the farm where we have hand picked the vegetables and mixed them together. What a great experience.

By supporting your organic farmer, you are supporting your community. I call my organic farmers "Doctors," and trust me, they are more significant than any medical team.

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